Hours of use9:00-21:00
Size/CapacityArea 52.5m²
School type: 22 people / Square shape type: 16 people
Price2 hours: 10,000 yen / 1 day: 40,000 yen
Free rental itemsWhiteboard, LAN hub, LAN cable, extension cord, PC projector and screen
(※)Wi-Fi/wired LAN available
※We can also arrange lunch boxes, so please contact us in advance.
※Please note that we cannot provide or bring in alcoholic beverages.


Vendor room(5F)
  • Vending machine(Soft drink、Alcoholic drink、tobacco)
  • Laundromat(100yen coin only)
  • Ice machine(complimentary)
  • Microwave oven(Feel free to use it)

Laundry Service
  • Reception by 9:00, finishing after 19:00 on the same day (closed on Wednesdays)
Chiropractic & Relaxation
  • Reception hours 15:00~25:00
  • 40min.4,400yen、60min.6,600yen(tax included)