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| Japanese/Western plate menu and half-buffet breakfast |

Choose from one of two plated menus, prepared mainly with ingredients purchased from local farmers. A half buffet (rice, bread, miso soup, curry, cup salad, and various drinks) is also offered.

The rice we use is the Kanagawa brand's Atsugi Seseragi rice variety, Harumi.

half buffet

Photos of Japanese Plate
Japanese plate, close-up photo
Overhead view of Japanese plate

Photo of Western Plate
Western plate, close-up photo
Overhead view of Western plate

| Yamayuri Pork Curry |

A curry made with Yamayuri Pork, a brand of pork that was certified as a Kanagawa brand in 1993 and was selected as one of Kanagawa's 100 Specialties in 2019.

The safe and secure pork is raised only at designated farms in Kanagawa, where feed and sanitary management are carefully monitored. Its lean meat is soft and delicious.

Photo of Yamayuri Pork Curry

Restaurant Information

VenueThe first floor restaurant [VISTA Cafe]
Opening Hours7:00-10:00(Last entry 9:30)
Price1,300 yen (Including tax)
Children under elementary school age are free only for the half buffet

The bustling traffic on Atsugi Boulevard seen from the restaurant is a scene that reminds one of the beginning of a new day.
Enjoy a pleasant moment at Vista Cafe.

Two women sitting opposite each other chatting and laughing.


Reserved Information

| About Dinner Service |

For reservations of 20 people or more, we can also consult with you about private parties, such as offering a dinner set that includes curry and rice or pasta with main dishes, side dishes, and drinks (the photo is an image).

Dinner image