[Atsugi Ichibangai Shopping Street]
(3 min walk from the hotel)

Atsugi Ichibangai Shopping Street was established in 1969. Lined with many large stores as well as individual stores, the shopping street is pedestrianized during the day, making it easy to walk around, and the shopping street is bustling with people until nighttime. In addition to shopping and dining, seasonal events are held in the area, making it a popular area not only for locals but also for people from the surrounding area.

Atsugi Ichibangai Shopping Street

[Atsugi Central Park](5 min walk from the hotel)

Atsugi Central Park, located across from City Hall and often used as an event venue, opened in 1997.
The park is also equipped with disaster prevention functions, such as serving as an evacuation site in the event of a disaster, and is a spacious area with lots of greenery. There is a large spherical object, a fountain, and a large playground popular with children, as well as a healthy playground area for adults of all ages to enjoy.

Atsugi Central Park

[Sagami River](13 min walk from the hotel)

Its water source is Lake Yamanaka, and it is called "Katsura River" in Yamanashi Prefecture upstream. The Sagami River, the largest river in Kanagawa Prefecture, originates from "Sagamino-kuni" and has played an important role as the center of local culture and festivals.
Every year, we hold many events that can be enjoyed by both children and adults, such as the "Ebina Citizens' Festival" held in Ebina City and the "Atsugi Ayu Festival" held in Atsugi City, including a large fireworks display.

Sagami River

[Oyama Afuri Shrine](45 min drive from hotel)

With a history of more than 2,200 years, Oyama Afuri Shrine has been loved by many people as the sacred mountain that protects the Kanto region.
Various festivals are held throughout the year, and visitors can enjoy the kagura dances and the Oyama-Noh plays that have been performed since the Meiji era. There is also a lodge inside, called the Sendoshi Ryokan, which can be used for meals only or for overnight stays. Visitors can view the Oyama cherry blossoms in spring, deep green in summer, autumn leaves in fall, and snowy landscape in winter.

Oyama Afuri Shrine

[Nanasawa Forest Park](20 min drive from hotel)

The park was developed through urban development and opened as a whole in 1990. The park facilities include a barbecue area, an outdoor stage, and an athletic field, and various events are held at the Forest Atelier Hall and the Forest Folktales Hall, such as creative writing workshops and folk tale telling. The large bridge called "Mori no Kakehashi" is the symbol of the park.

Nanasawa Forest Park

[Miyagase Dam](35 min drive from hotel)

One of the largest dam reservoirs in the Tokyo metropolitan area, it was completed in 2001 for the purpose of "controlling floods," "supplying tap water," "improving the river environment," and "generating electricity. Periodic sightseeing releases are carried out, and on a clear day, a rainbow appears as the water splashes with a roaring sound.
Visitors can also take a tour on the "Aichan-go," an Italian-made road train that connects the area directly below Miyagase Dam and the Prefectural Aikawa Park Park Center.

Miyagase Dam

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